Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The lull between sessions

The summer Zumba session I was doing with Rae ended on Monday. Aaw.

The fall Zumba session I'm going to do with Jae, doesn't start for three weeks. Three. Long. Weeks. Boo...

This summer was a blast (thank you Rae) and I'm sorry to see it end. At the same time, I am really looking forward to the start of the fall session. Here's how much... Back in the first week of July, I learned that registration opened and people could begin signing up for the fall session. You don't say? Well I better get on that, September's not too far away! Nobody's going to steal my spot... You think I'm kidding? Totally not kidding. I've been registered since July 2nd for a session that starts September 18th. This Zumba freak is freaky fast. I've got the web receipt printed out and tacked to the cork board in my laundry room so I can look at it every time I walk by. I took this photo for you, my friends, so you can all share in my freakishness. I circled it in orange.
Because orange is nice and bright... Tangent time! Don't you just love the drawing in the bottom left corner of that picture? It's okay if you don't...but I do. Maybe it's just the proud Zumbamommy talking, but I think it's really good. My older son drew that as a present for my birthday. It's a picture of me and I'm wearing an orange and green top with purple bottoms. I guess he's pretty familiar with my wardrobe these days... Heh.

Alright, back on topic. As it turns out, registering early was pretty good move. When the Community Ed. booklet arrived, advertising all the different classes for fall three weeks ago, I saw that they have an "early bird" rate listed that is $10 cheaper if you register one week or more in advance of the start date. I definitely have that covered so...sweet!

What's not so sweet is the waiting period. I've got this week and two more and the time is just sort of looming up at me. September's not too far away? Ugh! That was easy to say in July when I was going out to class every Monday night. September 1st is only days away and yet today it feels like the 18th is never going to get here. I understand that the Community Ed. people have a logical plan. They're waiting to have their classes begin until after Labor Day, until after the school year has started, until after people have their fall schedules in order. Mentally, I get all that and probably for most normal people, waiting until the 18th doesn't matter. Who knows? They may even like that -better-. But I don't fall under the category of "most normal people" now, do I? Not when it comes to my Zumba, and when I think about the next three weeks, I get an itchy feeling under my skin. I think that probably doesn't happen to the non-freaks.

So my plan to get through the next three weeks with my sanity (and that of my patient and supportive family) in tact, is to practice at home. A lot.

Best advice (and this is mostly just for me today folks): Stay calm, things are fine, and class is only 21 days away. Repeat as needed...

I need to make an addendum before I post this live. I wrote the above in the afternoon. Freak that I am, I'm prone to freaking out. You think this was bad? You should have seen me the first day I realized there even was a three week lull! I nearly dropped my laundry basket as I walked by my cork board... That was five weeks ago, so I'm writing this post -after- I've had time to adjust. Anyway, in the evening, I took my boys to an open house at the elementary school where my oldest is going to be starting Kindergarten next week. Who should I run into? One of my classmates from the summer session. Turns out she works there at the school and we almost didn't recognize each other in regular clothes. She asks me, "Will I see you Thursday?" to which I reply, "What's on Thursday?" Duh, Rae's other class! The same one I took my family to? How did I not think of that... Oh well. Yay! Freakout officially over, no more itchy feeling, and all is well. I was just at class on Monday so I'll hold off this week, but next Thursday, I am so there.

No more advice, just a comment: It's funny how interesting coincidences happen at interesting times.

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