Saturday, August 31, 2013

The (big fat Zumba) birthday present from

Not to long ago, I wrote about the birthday presents I got from my in-laws from That post can be seen here. For this post, I am excited to write about the birthday presents I got from my both my family and in-law family from Remember those fun gift cards with the dancing Zumba lady on the front? Yeah, those. The things I ordered finally shipped on Wednesday and I've been anxiously awaiting their arrival ever since. Once again, I've had the tracking info up on my computer and I keep refreshing the browser. Bry's been teasing me, "A watched package never moves." It does, it just waits until after you go to bed... So actually I guess he's right because I was sleeping instead of watching.
Zumbawear always ships by FedEx so they'll drop it off right at the door. The last time I was waiting on an order, the delivery guy somehow managed to drive up, leave the package on the porch, and drive away all without me noticing. Believe me, I was watching then just like I'm watching now. FedEx must hire ninjas to drive their trucks. Just for fun, I got a screenshot of the tracking info. As of 7:17am on Friday it was on a truck and out for delivery. I'm so pleased, because with Labor Day coming up, I wasn't sure if it would get here before the holiday weekend.

I happened to see the truck arrive this time and I was out there in the driveway before the guy could even get out of his truck; he was startled to see me standing right there. Out-ninja the ninja baby!

Driver: You must have been waiting for this.
Me: Yeah, I've been watching for you.
Driver: Okay... Well you have a great weekend then...
Me: You too!

I should be glad he didn't reflexively whip out his throwing stars. I hurried inside with the package and here it is.

I cut it open and dumped everything out. Two pairs of cargo capris, one top, and two bracelets. To say I've had a nice little birthday shopping spree, is sort of an understatement at this point. Looking at all of it, I am once again overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and in-laws. Thank you all, and I hope you can see how much I love your gifts.

So like before, I took pictures of it all. In spite of the big summer sale that Zumba has going on right now, the pairs of pants and top I bought weren't on sale. You watch, they'll be on sale two weeks from now... Blarg... Anyways, the pair of cargo capris that I wanted that -were- on sale, were sold out of my size; most of the other sizes too. That really was a shame, they were bright pink with black trim and I really liked them. The ones I wound up buying were the orbit cargo capris. I liked these too, and they were a pink pair... I've decided that when buying capris, I'm not going to buy black. I have three pairs of long black cargoes, I think I'm set for black. The orbit cargoes are interesting because the ribbons on the pockets are -two- colors.
Ooh! These are the ones off to the right. One black ribbon and one pink ribbon on each pocket. The pink is sort of an odd pink... Definitely not the bright neon of the pair I'd originally had my eye on. To be honest, when I got them out of the package, I didn't unwrap them right away like I did everything else. Seeing this strange pink up close and personal, I wasn't sure I was going to keep them. I took them upstairs to my closet and held them up to every tank top. They go well with my one remaining black tank and its grey counterpart... But that was really it. Well, there is the tie-dye one. Now I'm really really glad I bought that, it seems to go with everything. As you can see, I did unwrap them. I decided to keep them. I just wish I'd bought the matching pink/black top, and I may still since I didn't use up all my gift card money. I got a second pair of these capris in another color. Most Zumbawear is produced in sets of two to four of the same thing, just in different colors. This particular style of capris also has a grey pair and blue pair.
The grey is a lot like this pink, a little muted which, when it comes to Zumba clothing, is practically unheard of. But the blue pair... they are the bright sheep in that little family of pants. I was inspired to buy the blue pair along with the pink pair. They are really bright and they were designed to go with a green/blue top that I've been wanting to buy since the first moment I saw it go up for sale. That's it on the right. Something about the color combination of the blue and green really caught my eye. So since none of this stuff was discounted, did I actually shop the sale? 

A little... I bought bracelets. Now, I don't go for jewelry much at all. Expensive jewelry would be wasted on me. I much prefer practical gifts. Lucky for Bry. Remember I said he got me cargo pants last Valentine's? 
He never has to putz around a jewelry store shopping for ruby earrings or...whatever. Actually, I don't even have pierced ears. But I like bracelets. Not fancy diamond tennis bracelets (and who would even wear something so expensive to play tennis?), just cute beaded ones like the kind you find on clearance at Khol's department store. I'm a sucker for cute costume jewelry bracelets. So when I saw these I thought, "Goody! 25% off!". There was a third one that was an odd combination of a purple band and a sky-blue charm. I didn't care for it, and I don't own anything sky-blue. Not for Zumba, not at all. I have more than one tank top that is orange and pink, and I have three pairs of black cargoes, so these two were winners.

That mostly concludes my (big fat Zumba) birthday. Mostly. I got something -really- special from Bry and the boys, I'm just saving that story for the future. It'll be a good one, I promise.

No advice today, though if you want to take it that way, feel free. Fair warning, it's going to sound a bit fortune cookie: The real birthday gift isn't the Zwag (actual word), it's what all of it represents. See what I mean? At least I didn't include some "lucky numbers"... In all seriousness, here's what it all represents to me, the confidence to stand out and walk dance tall. Six months ago, if someone had told me I'd be buying pairs of pink and blue pants, I'd have laughed and thought that was crazy-talk. But here I am, enjoying the best birthday ever.

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