Friday, November 15, 2013

The new Zumbawear sizing chart

Recently, Zumba redid their sizing charts for their clothes. This line of clothing, and I believe the previous two, reflect that. Here's the new chart:
For the ladies
The idea being that:
1) Size runs more true to size. So a person who wears medium clothing everyday, would be able to actually wear medium size Zumbawear (as opposed to size large).

2) These new sizes are more inclusive and full figured women can rock the look too.
For the gentlemen
On the one hand, I was used to buying my Zumba gear a certain way because I had adapted to their weird sizes. Now, I have to re-learn things a little. But on the other hand, I am all about Zumbawear being for everyone. Zumba itself is for everyone, therefore, it stands to reason that the clothing should be too. Doesn't that seem logical to you? I like this a lot. Yes, I fit into Zumbawear on the Spicy/Marvelous end of things and have for a little while, but that wasn't always true. Also, it's not just Zumbawear. I have been "that girl", the one shopping in a store who sees something cute that she can't wear because there's not a size big enough. I have been there and I know. So it pleases me greatly to see Zumba doing something about this.

Zumba released this video on their Facebook page discussing size and their position on it.

See, it's not just a sizing chart and it's not just about changing the way clothes are made. The meaning goes deeper than that. It's about body image, basically, how we feel about how we look. Zumba believes that everyone should look good and also feel good about themselves. In the video, the man speaking is Alberto Perlman - Co-founder and CEO of Zumba. He's making a statement in response to recent media coverage of models and photoshopping. If you haven't seen the time-lapsed video of the model being photoshopped, you can view it here. According to him, it's these kinds of negative images that make only 15% of people (that's both women -and- men...) feel comfortable enough to walk into a gym. Zumba is trying to reach out to that other 85%. He says, "We know you're more than a number." That's right sir, we're Xtra Spicy and doubly Xtra Lovely and everything else in between. And for that, we thank you!

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