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The 2013 Zumba-lover's gift guide: 5 suggestions for pleasing the Zumba-lover in your life this holiday season

The season of giving is fast approaching (actually, for those who celebrate Chanukah, it's already here...) and it seems like I can't browse the internet these days without tripping over someone's holiday gift guide. We've all seen these, with titles like: "Gift Ideas For Men - 10 Great Gadgets!" or "15 Must-Have Toys For Boys". Actually, I always read them because I think it's interesting to read about what's considered "trendy" or "in season"; and sometimes,
the "it thing" is just flat out laughable (remember the Furby?). Another reason why I read them is because sometimes they really do have good suggestions; ideas I would not have thought of because I don't fit the specific demographic. I like to store knowledge like this away because while I'm not someone who actually wants one of the "7 Creative Gifts For Coffee Lovers" (I prefer tea...), I might someday need to shop for one of those coffee people and this way I'll have an idea of what to get.
Well, I figured I'd better jump on this particular bandwagon and attempt a gift guide suggestion list of my own. You see, I've seen a lot of fitness related lists so far this year, runner and yogi specific ones even, but no Zumba gift guides. Hrmm. Time to remedy that! Before I do, here's a qualifier. I'm not a "gifting expert" by any means, but what I am is a crazy Zumba girl and I know what kinds of things -I- would like to get so I figure I can't be too far off the mark here.

1. Clothes - If you know the clothing size of the Zumba-lover in your life, this is a great idea. I personally love getting new Zwear (cargo pants in particular...Babe? If you're reading this...). Here are some suggestions for you dear readers (and dear husband...) and I included a sale option for each. Honestly, I could probably do a whole "gift guide" on just the clothes. Zumba makes it so easy...
$52.50 (Reg. $65)

But I'll keep it to just these... On the left, the blue pair is the newest style of cargo pants and on the right, the black pair is an older-yet-still-very-awesome style that you can buy on sale. Same with the shirts, the one on the left is from the new Gold Collection and the one on the right is from a previous line and is on sale.
$16.50 (Reg. $20)
And a couple of ideas for the fellows...
$17.50 (Reg. $25)
The Let's Connect shorts in"Love Me Lime" and the Lift-Off V-Neck Tee in "Zumba Green".

Prices as of Dec. 6, 2013
2. Shoes - Again, a gift like this requires knowing the wearer's size. I will say this for the shoe idea, now is the time. Neon athletic shoes are "in" right now in a big way. In my opinion, this is awesome! Hrmm, I wonder if there are people out there right now laughing at neon sneakers the way I laughed at Furbies? Eye of the beholder I suppose... In any event, every brand out there right now seems to have some for sale. I went to Foot Locker's website and did a search using only the key word "neon". Then I filtered it to "women" and then again to "shoes". If you want to see the full results (31 pairs!), click here, but above are some of the highlights. Each is a different brand of shoe and the price range is from $29.99-$89.99.

Prices as of Dec. 6, 2013
I did the same thing with men's shoes and got 35 results. For whatever reason, these men's shoes cost more than the ladies', ranging from $89.99-$139.99.

And of course Zumba sells their own brand of shoe! I Love my Z-Kickz II's.
$52.50 (Reg. $75)

Women's Z-Kickz (above)
Men's Z-Kickz II (right)

3. Accessories - Here's one instance where size matters not. Neon bracelets, buy them you will! Sorry, I couldn't resist (the Zumbamommy is a Star Wars nerd in a big way). Heh. So, Zumba has over 50 different accessories to choose from on their website right now. Here are some neat ones: a phone case, a water bottle, a three-pack of hair ties, and a set of bracelets (of course).
$17.50 (Reg. $25)
$18.50 (Reg. $20)
$7.50 (Reg. $10)

4. Classes - What good is getting all dressed up without a class to go to? Get your Zumba-loving friend or spouse some as a gift. Most instructors and studios will do gift certificates or punch cards and give you some kind of discount for buying several classes at a time.
5. Music - Now, I'm a little strange because I'm in the small minority of people that don't have an i-Gizmo. run my music off my Windows phone so I shop on Amazon. But, for those out there with iTunes accounts, an iTunes gift card is a great idea. They come in a wide variety of denominations and are incredibly convenient since you can usually buy them in your local supermarket checkout lane. Music is one of those things Zumba people can't really have too much of. Zumba also sells music directly from their site as well as on You can get single CD's or multi-CD sets such as the one pictured above. This set contains Cardio Party (orange), Party Nation (green), and Vibe Tribe (purple) and is a fun idea for the enthusiastic student. Chances are though, an instructor would have all those just by virtue of being the instructor so it's better to let her (or him) pick out her (or his) own music.

**Bonus Idea** Certification - Only a gift for the very generous as it's fairly costly. I only include it because I got a B1 certification class as a birthday gift this year from Bry (and our boys). I'll say this, if I were going to ask for a second specialty as a present (someday in the future...), it would probably be Zumba Kids/Kids Jr., not that I've given it too much thought or anything... Heh.

Best advice: When in doubt (about sizes, styles, colors, etc.), go with plastic!
I am neither affiliated with or endorsed by either Zumba, Foot Locker, or iTunes -- Simply a shopper with an opinion!

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