Thursday, August 1, 2013

The clothes - Part 4

This is going to be short and sweet. After exorcising some demons from my closet...
The reject pile
If you're having any trouble viewing the picture, these are the tank tops that are never going to see a Zumba class again; or at least not on me at any rate. Not so affectionately called the reject pile. All that's left to decide is whether or not I want to keep them around for the next heat wave... No, as I'm sitting here, I can feel the answer. They have to go.

> 3 black (2 S, 1 M)
> 1 dark grey (S)
> 1 light grey (M)
> 3 brown (2 S, 1 M)

Free to a good home! (Unless you live far enough away, in which case you have to pay for postage.)

Best advice: It's amazing how exercising helps with exorcising.

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