Sunday, August 11, 2013

The family visit - Part 1

Every August my family that lives in Quebec, Canada comes for a visit. My birthday is in August so it's nice to celebrate with them. Usually, it's just my dad and my stepmom that visit, but this year my half-sister Mel is coming with them. Whenever my family visits, I love to take them on day trips to places around West Michigan.

Here are some of the places we've been during previous visits:
Meijer Gardens
Grand Rapids Public Museum
Air Zoo
John Ball Zoo
Nelis' Dutch Village

We've done Meijer Gardens every year because it's fun for everyone and always a great walk. We've done the Air Zoo twice just because... Hey, planes are cool. Some of the others we haven't done in a long time, and they've since added new features. I think it's time to go to the John Ball Zoo again, and for a change of pace, perhaps the GRAM. I also recently discovered that there is submarine museum only an hour's drive from our house. So we are definitely going to do that! Sorry if this reads like a West Michigan travel guide, but I am excited for family's visit. My half-sister Mel hasn't been to Michigan before, and I want to make sure she has a great time.

Aaaand speaking of great times... Can you guess where I am taking Mel and my stepmom while they're here? Can you say Zumba? I knew that you could. This will be their first class ever and they are both excited to try it. They know what it's all about too since I hardly ever shut up about it. Believe me, I could weasel something about Zumba into every conversation if I wanted to. Rae offered two guest passes to anyone who payed for the whole summer session in advance. Two guest passes? Shoink! I knew I was going to be there every Monday anyway, so there was no reason -not- to pay in advance. It's so perfectly perfect that the first year that Mel is coming with my dad and stepmom is the year I get two guest passes. I am as excited as they are because I get to share something I love with my family. Who knows, maybe they'll find a class when they get back to Quebec.

For the duration of their stay, I know won't have time to write. So fair warning, there will be an eight day hiatus starting Aug. 13.

Best advice: Share what you love with who you love.

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