Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Everest songs

From time to time I run across a song that's really hard. Or at least I think it's really hard. I call them "Everest songs" because to me, tackling them is like slowly climbing Everest. Hey, I'm afraid of heights, this is the only kind of climbing I'm ever going to do. I could post a list of the songs I've classified this way, but I know most of you out there won't have any context and it wouldn't mean anything. What I will say is that they all tend to have a common element and that's that they have a lot less repetition, although there is always some, and the the different parts tend to be fast and more complex. What I mean by complex is that several parts of your body are moving at the same time but doing very different things. It can feel awkward at first and wrapping your brain around it can be a challenge, or at least it can be for me.

To date, I have encountered four songs I chose to put on my "Everest List". Not too bad in 3.5 year's time, even if I do say so myself. Then again, I might have just jinxed myself... The first two on my list have already been checked off, as in I feel I've got them down very well. The third still knocks me around from time to time but I'd say I'm about three quarters to having it under -control- (right Jae?). The fourth one is brand new and it's a doozy, I think I may be a while with it. It's a song I love and the choreography is fun, but it's also challenging. I don't mind that actually, in fact I rather like the way it exercises my brain along with my body. There are songs I have been doing for the better part of 3.5 years and I can let my mind go almost completely blank and it doesn't affect the actual dance. To me, weird as this is going to sound, those are like a form of meditation. The Everest ones are like working on a level six Sudoku, or a jigsaw with 5000 pieces. Keep at it long enough and eventually the puzzle will be solved.

I'm definitely not one to give it up easily. If a song goes on my Everest list, I'm never going to let it go until I have it to my satisfaction. With something like that, I am a junkyard doberman and it is the bone... Remember Joe? My horse? He was an Everest horse. Remember how I said he was an ornery cuss if he didn't like you? I've written about how much I loved him, but he and I didn't exactly get off to the best of starts. I kept working with him though, and eventually he stopped slamming me into walls while I was aboard and trying to bite me while I brushed him. The very first Everest song I ever encountered was one Rae did in my very first class. To this day, it is -the- one I will invariably ask for if she calls for requests. So yes, Everest songs are difficult and challenging but they've also turned into (or likely will turn into) some of  the ones I like the best, definitely top 20.

What about Let Me Think About It? Surprisingly no. As much trouble as that song gave me, I could actually do all of it but the one part. At least until Jae (in all her awesomeness) fixed me. Songs only make my Everest list when there are several different parts that I find challenging. That's why it takes a while for me to really get them because generally they come to me one piece at a time.

Best advice: Be thankful when something comes along that challenges you, because it means life is still interesting and you haven't learned everything yet.

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