Friday, April 11, 2014

The trip to Marshall's

It's spring break week for us, with our oldest son home from school. It's also been the week where the weather has finally FINALLY warmed up. Last weekend, it warmed up enough that our boy wanted to change into a short sleeved t-shirt. Going up with him to his room to find him one, I discovered that I only have two t-shirts in his current size. Two. Oh boy, I guess the Zumbamommy dropped the ball on this one. I blame the winter. This winter just seemed to go on and on and I thought the warmer weather would never get here. Usually I am prepared well in advance for the great spring closet shift from long sleeves to short sleeves, but not this year. So it's been a bit of a scramble this week, shopping for size six shirts...and some long sleeved shirts in size seven just for good measure... Hey, fall will be here before we know it and I don't want to be caught of guard again.

On Thursday, while our youngest son was napping, I took our oldest out to shop for shirts. We went to TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I managed to find one shirt at TJ Maxx that he liked and zero at Marshall's. Sigh. Marshall's was a wasted trip you say? Well...not entirely... Because I found some great stuff for me!
Hooray Marshall's! It was a happy little thrill seeing the very best tag in the whole world dangling off a tank top right there in an actual store. I grabbed one of everything that I thought would actually fit me and made haste to the changing room.

Store clerk: How many?
Me: Um...nine...

I wasn't sure the plastic number cards they give out even went up that high. I thought for sure she'd have me leave some of the shirts at the desk and come back for them... But no, she hands me a card with a nine on it and points me towards an open changing room. Great! Well okay then. I went through all of it and wound up buying three.
The minute I saw this one, I knew I was going to buy it. It's indigo and I just happen to have a pair of indigo cargo capris. If I hadn't already been trying on some others, I wouldn't have bothered trying this one on, I was that confident. It was the only one they had too, like it was just waiting for me to show up and take it home. Add to that, the fact that it was Thursday, a night I was going out to Rae's class, -and- a night that I had already planned to wear my indigo capris. I basically got this tank top home and put it on ten minutes after walking in the door. Up on the left, you can see the Marshall's tag: $12.99 (compare at $24.00). About half price, not bad at all.

As for the other two shirts...
I don't know what any of the "official Zumba names" are of any of these shirts. They are all from previous lines of clothing rather than the current line. But that's not surprising, Marshall's (and its affiliates) are
known for selling surplus inventory at discount prices. These were the same price as the tank top too, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Yes...these are t-shirts and not tank tops...but then I didn't buy them for actual Zumba class, so much as for every-day wear. I have those two 3/4 sleeved shirts I bought at my B1 and they have seen a lot of use this winter. A lot.

Friend: Oh, cool Zumba shirt. Do you have class tonight?
Me: Nope.

These two short sleeved ones are going to be perfect for the summer. The only thing that could have possibly made this trip to Marshall's any better would have been finding cargoes hanging on the rack. No pants of any kind to be found...and believe me I checked and double checked.

So, if you have a Marshall's near you, and you're in the market for some Zumba clothes, it might be worth going to have a look. As for TJ Maxx (or Winners for the Canadians), I'm not sure. I didn't see any Zumba clothes in TJ Maxx when I was there this week, but they are owned by the same people so one never can tell I suppose...

Best advice:

I am neither affiliated with, endorsed by, or compensated by Marshall's or Zumba(r) -- Simply a shopper with an opinion!

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