Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Bolder Band - Part 1

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning when I stumbled across this:
My sister-in-law had apparently discovered a new kind of sporty headband. Interestingly enough, this popped up on her FB page not too long after she posted a status update about her first day of CrossFit... Anyways, ever since I started teaching my Zumba class, I am all about the sporty headband. I have several Zumba brand headbands of the soft cloth variety. These work really well for holding my glasses (which need to wear or I can't see my students well enough) in place while I teach. And because they are Zwear headbands, they also match a decent portion of my existing Zumba wardrobe. just can't have too many. Am I right, or am I right? Besides, I'm sure you took note of the fact that I said "a decent portion" rather than "all".

So I'm sure dear readers that you can all see where this is going... Of course I went to their site! I needed to find the answers to some questions I had. Such as...
1) How much do they cost?
2) What size(s) do they have? Or is it a one-size type product?
And maybe most importantly...
3) What colors do they come in? And do they sell neon?

And here's what I learned:
1) They cost $14.99 before shipping and taxes. They are made in Colorado and shipped from there. There's also a code you can get, if you give them your email address, that lets you add a free wrist lanyard to your order with any purchase of $9.99 or more.
2)  They had this handy chart on their site. The asterisks are to indicate that those sizes would be a custom order. With the chart was a short little video on how to measure your head to know which size to order. Incidentally, I'm a regular.

And the answer to number three...
3) Lots and lots of colors! Patterns and solids and brights and metallics... Even a couple of guy-friendly patterns and colors (BroBands). Neons?

But there is hope. Almost as soon as I started browsing their site, a little chat window popped up with a message that said: "Hi! This is a real person. Let me know if I can help you." Hrmm... Okay then. I'll admit I was a little suspicious but that's my nature I guess. I would rather walk three blocks than use valet parking.... But it really -was- a real person, who ultimately turned out to be very helpful. I had to ask, will there be neon and when. He said he thought neon was coming. There are pictures of some neon headbands on one of their Pinterest Boards that he believes might be a preview. I suppose I'll just have to keep checking back...oh the hardship... Heh.

In the meantime though... I bought a solid red one!
There were a lot of cool prints and other solid colors, but I gravitated to the red one because I own red cargoes that are the hardest thing ever to match with accessories and shirts. The last time I wore the red cargoes to teach my class, I wound up using a black crocheted headband. It was the only thing that even remotely matched, but because it's crocheted, my glasses poked through the holes and I really didn't like that. The elastic part of that headband also digs in to my scalp a little bit and because it's a fashion piece, it's pretty lightweight and not really designed for vigorous activity; I haven't worn my Party Hearty's to teach in since. So, I am really excited for this headband (and my free wrist lanyard) to arrive in 6-8 days. That will be in plenty of time for me to try it out before I take a break from teaching for the summer. I do, I'll post a review of it...yeah, that would be the eventual Part 2 of this post. Bolder Band's motto is: "Stays put so you don't have to". Nice...and check it, their tags are almost as good as Zumba's.

Best advice: When you find something red (or whatever color applies to you...) that will coordinate with your odd-ball cargoes (or whatever piece of clothing applies to you...), jump on it! And then do a little salsa (or whatever dance you like best...) on it for good measure. This is the second time in as many months that this has happened to me. The last time, it was a fold-over elastic hair Hallmark of all places.

I am neither affiliated with, endorsed by, or compensated by Bolder Bands -- Simply a shopper with an opinion!

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