Friday, April 18, 2014

The new phone

So I got a new cell phone. The Nokia 1020. It's a Windows phone. I know most people get all excited about upgrading...but am I the only one out there who sees it as nothing more than a necessary chore? Transferring everything from the old phone to the new phone is taking more time than I really would like it to take. Things are formatted in a slightly different way. Not so different as to be completely new and foreign, but different enough that I need to actually work at reorganizing everything. I'm glad I chose the longest time period on the contract because I really can't imagine doing this again in 12 months...or even 18!

My old phone is two years old, but truthfully, I only have two major issues with it.
1) The battery life seems to get shorter every few months
2) No one is making apps for my model of Windows phone any more. Not that there were tons to begin with...Windows phones have historically not seen the same kind of app love that iPhones and Androids do. But hey, at least it's not as bad as Blackberry! Oh snap! Heh. This is my old phone. The phone itself is actually turquoise, but I bought a pink case for it because I thought that would match my Zumba sticker so much better. Remember when I said that Zumba makes the best clothing tags ever? Remember how I said I keep them in a stash? Anyone want to guess where the sticker came from? If you guessed that it peels right off the tag, you'd be right.

I got this phone while I was still pregnant with our youngest son. The day I found out we were having a second boy, I posted that to Facebook right there in the doctor's office with it. It came to the hospital with me when I went into labor. I used it to time my contractions, and to take photos of our new arrival. After we brought him home, it was my "lifeline" to the outside world during that early time when it's all sleep, eat, diaper change, sleep some more. This phone has gone with me on outings and day trips with my family. It's gone to our older son's preschool and school and commemorated the occasions with photos of parties and events. I took it with me the day I went to B1 and got my license for Zumba. It has all (and by that I mean ALL) my music on it, I take it with me every time I go out to teach my class and I use it when I practice. This phone is how I read my library books. It keeps my calendar organized, and every phone number and address I have is in there.

The new phone will have all that (eventually...when I finally get it all transferred), and be able do everything my old one could do - only better and faster. But it won't ever be the one that was with me when our youngest son was born. It won't ever be the one that went to B1 with me. There have been times over the past week where I have wished that I'd simply bought a brand new battery for the old phone. The text chime doesn't seem to chime as loud on the new one, none of my ringtones are right on the new one, and all the playlists I created for Zumba, that worked so well on my old phone, show up as empty folders on the new one... But okay, okay...all that can be fixed, I just need to take the time and I'm about 2/3 of the way there. I know it kind of sounds like I hate the phone, but I really don't. It has some features to it that do like. It's slightly bigger while at the same time being lighter. It came with a handy wrist strap. It comes with more built-in apps than the old one did and most of the apps I have installed on the old phone can be easily reinstalled on the new one. The Nokia 1020's major claim to fame is the nearly-professional grade camera built in. It is a very very nice camera, but because it's bigger, it's left me trying to puzzle out where oh where to put my Zumba sticker!

Well, what I know is that I need to figure out this phone and finish messing around with it before next Tuesday night when I have to go teach my class again. I'm in a very small minority of Zumba people NOT using iTunes with an i-Something, and it's times like this that almost make me want to go get an iPod...almost. I'll get it done this weekend so that I have time to make sure it's working properly. The last thing I want is to get to class and not have music. I can't imagine a worse Zumba disaster. Knock on wood.

Best advice: Sometimes, to solve the problem, you just need to get a little creative.


  1. Love the idea with the Zumba stickers! I'm going to do that today!

    I work in IT, in a heavy Mac environment. I own a Droid phone - I just don't like the iPhones. They're over-priced and the Droid does the same things. I have all of my music on my Droid, too - I've never owned an iPod!

  2. Lisa, I have sooo many of those stickers...which I suppose is a testament to my love of tanks and cargoes. ;) (And thanks again for your affiliate code, I am totally going to use that next time I shop - probably soon since Mother's Day is coming ;) )

    I really do have a tag stash and the two you see in the pictures above are two of three stickers I've ever actually peeled off and used. I'm so picky about it. Part of why I did it for my phone is because you can find a Zumba iPhone case if you search around, but they've never made one for other phone models. :( I think what has always turned me off about iPhones (and the rest of their family members) is the people in the i-Store. I have heard not so great things about their service.

    And yay for another non-iWhatsits user! ;)

  3. Parting ways with something you've had beside you for so long can really be hard. Afterall, your old phone has witnessed and taken photos of commemorable moments. Anyway, I'm certain that your new phone will help you enjoy and document new moments you'll have with your family, Miranda. Keep us posted! All the best! :)

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