Friday, April 25, 2014

The Bolder Band - Part 2

My new red Bolder Band arrived last Friday. I was so excited to try it out but I didn't want to "waste it" on a practice session because then it's in the laundry and I can't show it off until I do a load of Zumba clothes. Yes, we have a hamper specifically marked "Zumba" in the closet; lights, darks, Zumba. So I saved the headband deciding that I'd wear it to teach my class on Tuesday night. When I pulled it out of the envelope it arrived in, I immediately checked to see if it would match my red cargoes like I'd hoped.
Sure enough, I was right. Which means the color swatches on Bolder Band's website are very accurate. At the right is my new headband and the tag it came with. I really liked their tags when I saw a picture and I was excited to get one to keep. Plus, this one is pink! The way I have the headband positioned in the picture is actually backwards. I did it that was so that the label would show but when I wear it, that's the part that goes under the hair. How did it work?

It worked great! It held my glasses on with no problem which is the primary reason why I bought it. It's tight enough to stay put, yet not so tight as to give me a headache. That does happen to me. I actually own four headbands by Goodie that came in a set. Impossible to try on ahead of time the way they were packaged, so this has nothing to do with Goodie's product. But the first time I went to wear one I took it off after 15 minutes because it was too tight and gave me a pounding headache. Not what I needed an hour before heading off to class! That was the first and last time... But I digress. The Bolder Band size chart and their little instructional video on how to measure your head were very clear and made it easy to figure out your size correctly.

I like the material too, it's smooth and soft. It's also moisture-wicking, so it's designed to keep sweat out of your face. I believe that it probably will do that job. Sweating on the head like that is not typically an issue for me except during the hottest period of the summer. I sweat in whole host of other places first. Meh, comes with the territory I guess.

Speaking of sweat, this is the after picture from Tuesday night. I meant to have Bry take a picture of me before I left but I forgot. So the sweaty after picture will have to do! In a way though, that's better because you can see that my headband is still on my head and my hair isn't sticking out. So, bottom line: this headband does the job it's supposed to do, it's stylish in it's own sporty way, and it wasn't especially expensive even with shipping. Would I buy another one down the road? Absolutely.

Headband aside, Tuesday night was special. Jae came to to see me teach my class. Nerve-wracking? Maybe just a wee bit. But she's smart and she knows me well, and knows I'm prone to having "freak-outs", so she told me a month in advance that she was going to come my class. That gave me a month to get over myself and calm down about it. When I'm too tense I start making mistakes all over the place. Definitely not something I want to have happen in front of -the- person who's taught me 2/3 of everything I know about dancing, Zumba, and teaching Zumba to others. She reminded me that I just needed to relax and let go so that I could have a good time. I'm glad she decided to come. It's a good feeling
to have the support of a friend who knows how to diffuse your freak-outs. Heh. And we really did have fun, but then that's no surprise, we always do and the where's, why's, and how's are pretty much just details.

Best advice: "There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." --Vicki Baum

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