Friday, January 3, 2014

The Zumbathon - Find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Twice this week I've been put in the position to benefit a cause. The same cause both times! The universe is telling me something because in both cases, because the way in which I can be of help is through Zumba. The cause is Type 1 Diabetes. If you aren't familiar with Type 1 (and how it differs from Type 2), here is a snippet from the American Diabetes Association website:

More Than Numbers
The first instance this week was when my practice buddy, Rae-Mae, approached me about coming to her diabetic support group, More Than Numbers, and doing a short Zumba demonstration. By short, I mean about a half an hour, so roughly five songs. My response? "Sure. When and where?" and she put me in touch with the group's moderator. I didn't even have to think about whether or not I'd do it. More than one member of my family has (or had) Type 2 Diabetes (aka: adult onset) and has become insulin dependent. Like heart disease, this is something that runs in my family. My long in forever and ever...exercise goals lean towards not developing either of these things. So I am to happy help when and where I can. The group moderator told me that she wants the group to focus on activity for January. She happens to be a fan of Zumba herself and thought it would a good idea to introduce it to the whole group. I wholeheartedly agree!

As for the second instance... Well, within two days of Rae-Mae asking me to come to her group, I received an invitation to a Zumbathon from a different friend. 

This is what I saw on my Facebook this morning. A Zumbathon? Goody! I've had to turn down the last three invitations to Zumbathons. Three! (I know right?) One was a scheduling conflict, but the most recent two were back when our youngest son was still nursing at night and I couldn't leave him. He was a baby (like his brother before him) who would not take a bottle much to my dismay; but there is the word "mommy" in Zumbamommy and sometimes Zumba has to come second. Now though, Bry can put the kids to bed solo (he is a champ at it by the way...) and I was not about to let this Zumbathon go by. Then, I took a look at was it was a Zumbathon for. Finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes?? What a weird coincidence....but wait there's more! The Zumbathon event is on Jan. 25th, and I am doing my demo for More Than Numbers on the 20th. Coincidence indeed. I immediately posted about the event to the More Than Numbers group. I also issued a few invitations to friends I thought would be interested in attending. Hey, it's a Zumbathon, the more the merrier!

Best advice: Support the cause. Zumbathons are for good causes. I've seen them for breast cancer, heart disease, ALS, diabetes, and even food drives. So support the cause!

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