Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The big day

Well folks, it's finally arrived: the big day. Today, or rather this evening, I am teaching my first ever Zumba class. I am really excited about it and nowhere near as nervous as I would have predicted a few months ago. Back at the end of October, when I went to East Lansing for B1 training, I was filled with excitement yes, but also a lot (and by that I mean A LOT) of nervous energy; almost bordering on anxiety. The night before, I felt like I couldn't really settle. I packed my stuff for the next day, but once that task was completed, I felt at loose ends.

To be honest with you, I expected to feel the same way last night, but...surprise! I did not. I sat and watched DVR'ed TV with Bry and did Sudoku after the kids were in bed. I did not feel the compulsion to dart around my house collecting what I'll need for tonight and laying out my clothes. Frankly, I haven't yet decided on an outfit for tonight. I'll walk in to the closet this afternoon and just see what mood I'm in. I feel confident today. I'll have a post for you, either tomorrow or the day after about how it all actually went.

Food for thought: The person that this describes... I've been lucky enough to meet her, more than one of her actually. Now I get to try to be her.