Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Gold Collection - Part 2: All about the pants

Part two of my post series about the Gold Collection is all pants! Zumbawear typically releases a few styles of pants per collection. These are usually as follows: 1) cargo pants, 2) leggings, 3) capris. Now, depending on what season it is, there will be more or less of a certain style. In this collection, because it's mid-fall, and winter is coming, there are long leggings, but no capri leggings. There -are- cargo capris, some people just like to wear the capris year-round and I have a feeling the cargoes sell better than the leggings... Speculation on my part. Harem pants (which are capri-length) are "in" this fall, I made mention of that in my fall fashion trends post, so of course Zumba had to put some in this collection. Zumbawear keeps up with trends, they just take those trends and add sparkle, shine, and neon. Gotta love it!

* Capris ---
Galactic Gold Capris
Let's Go Halfsies Harem Pants
The pair of capris on the left are the Galactic Gold Capris in "Sew Black". This is the one and only pair in this particular style. It's not quite a cargo capri, since it appears to be cut a little slimmer and only has that one pocket, but it's not really a legging either since it's too loose. It's sort of an in-between capri and I think it's very pretty with the black and gold.

Let's Go Halfsies Harem Pants
Front view
In the top right and middle right pictures, are the harem pants in "Cut N Paste Purple" and in "Sew Black". Now, I know these are trendy at the moment, but I've never been a big fan of drop-crotch pants...yeah, that's really what the style is called. Not too surprising that people prefer to call them harem pants is it? To me, they do not look comfortable. To me, they look like they'd restrict my range of motion and honestly, I'd just feel ridiculous wearing them. I guess I just have no appreciation for what's chic and trendy. Oh well.

Side view
Back view
Above on the left is the Awesome-tron Cargo Capri pant in "Love Me Lime". Okay, I don't know where they came up with the name "Awesome-tron", but I like it! Zumba loves to come up with names for things that are as flashy as the clothes themselves. Anyways, on the left and right are the same pants in "Sew Black" and "Cut N Paste Purple". I really like the geometric pattern on the waist and cuffs. I think that's a great way to keep the theme of the clothing line while snazzing up the pants at the same time. I love the black pair best, I think the gold Zumba logo stands out the best on the black background. Overall, it's a cute pair of pants and it's pretty much the exact style of cargo capri pant that I have hanging in my closet with minor differences in details. Minor? Hrmm. One difference that I would personally consider not so minor is the lack of ribbons or tassels. Why? Why must they do this to the cargoes? This was my main disappointment with the cargoes in the previous collection. My friend Rae-Mae pointed out that if I got them, I could make some tassels as a DIY sewing project to attach to the pants. She has a point, but I personally don't feel like I have enough skill to feel confident in altering my Zumbawear; not for what I pay for it in the first place at any rate...

* Leggings ---
http://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/whats-mine-is-mine-leggings?color=Back+to+the+FuchsiaHaving tried on leggings recently in TJ Maxx, I know that these are not for me. But a lot of people really like leggings for the same reason I love slim-fit racerback tanks; they hug your body and don't get in the way or restrict your movements. These are the What's Mine Is Mine leggings in "Have A Blast Blue" and in "Back To The Fuchsia". What I can appreciate about these two pairs is the detail on the waist band and the logo on the side of the leg. I know that not everyone wants their Zumbawear to be screamingly obvious and these are very subtle.
http://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/foil-me-once-leggings?color=Dark+N+Dirty+Slate These are the Foil Me Once Long Leggings in "Dark N Dirty Slate" and in "Cut N Paste Purple" (also available in green). These are less subtle than the other style with their all-over geometric pattern and the solid gold Zumba logo on the leg. These are the exact match to the Foil Me Once sports bra. I think if I were going to wear a pair of leggings, I'd want to wear some like these because the patterning on the leggings adds visual interest and they would be flattering to most, if not all, figures.

* Cargo pants ---
http://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/a-cut-above-cargo-pants?color=Go+For+Greenhttp://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/a-cut-above-cargo-pants?color=Back+to+the+FuchsiaFinally, the cargo pants. Cargo pants are far and away my favorite bottoms to wear for Zumba (with cargo capris running a close second). Something about just putting them on gives me a feeling of style, strength, and confidence. That's why own five pairs of them! In all honesty, that's probably not the end of it either... Cargoes and racerback tanks have their own gravitational pull as far as I'm concerned.http://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/a-cut-above-cargo-pants?color=Go+For+Green
http://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/a-cut-above-cargo-pants?color=Have+a+Blast+BlueSo...these are the A Cut Above Cargo Pants in "Back To The Fuschia", "Go For Green", and "Have A Blast Blue". I love cargoes and these are no exception. I love that the waisband is in a different coordinating color, I love that the zippers on the pockets are too. I love the color combinations, I love the Zumba logo written vertically on the back of the leg, and I love the snap-strap method of rolling up the legs (as opposed to just an elastic with a toggle).
http://www.zumba.com/en-US/store-zin/US/product/a-cut-above-cargo-pants?color=Have+a+Blast+BlueSo now that I've gushed about these pants, I'm sure you're wondering if I plan to add any of them to my collection. The answer, unfortunately (or not so unfortunately according to my wallet), is no. These pants have one tassel. One! That's one more than the capris have, but still, one... One on that back pocket and none on the sides. I can't tell you how much I hope that the -next- collection will have cargoes with a full compliment of ribbons or tassels again. I'm not buying more cargoes until that happens, but hypothetically, if these cargoes did have long beautiful ribbons on every pocket, I'd totally get the blue pair. To be fair to that one and only tassel, it is pretty...

Best advice: Have discriminating taste when it comes to your fitness wardrobe. In addition to being functional, it's supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Don't settle for stuff you only kinda-sorta like.

 *I am not affiliated with nor compensated by Zumba Fitness, just an interested shopper and Zumba-lover!

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