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The Gold Collection - Part 1: The latest Zumbawear tops

I know what you must be thinking dear readers, "Didn't she just write a 'new Zumbawear' post last month?" The answer would be yes, yes I did (it can be found here). Almost exactly a month ago in fact. But, Zumba being Zumba, launched an entirely new collection last week.

Some of it is cute, some of it is...I'll go with: not to my personal taste... All the usual suspects are available, and when I say that, what I mean is that every collection seems to have the same basic types of clothing items with only a few completly new pieces. It's just the colors, styles, and design elements that tend to change. I like that actually, that way you can depend on certain things always being available.

So, for the tops:* Racerback tank tops --- 
Slim fitting racerback tank tops are a staple of the Zumba wardrobe. As a matter of fact, when it comes to my own personal wardrobe, 98% of my Zumba tops are slim fitting racerbacks. Whenever Zumba releases a new line of clothing, the tank tops in this style are what I'll gravitate towards first and foremost. Above on the left is the Funk-It-Up Racerback in "Blue But Bright". It's also available in pink and in green. I chose to display the blue one because both the pink and green are colors that were in the previous collection. The blue is new, and while I like the color, I am not so crazy about that crazy pattern. Above on the right is the El Fab Futuro Racerback in "Dark N Dirty Slate". This is a color from the previous collection but I thought it best showed the contrast of the gold detailing. The other two colors available are white and green. The white one is very pretty with the gold, but I wouldn't get it. White clothes and a sweaty Zumba workout are not a winning combination in my book, but that's just me. Some months back, there was a whole White Collection so I imagine people buy it...

* Loose-fit tank tops --- the right is the Foil Me Once Loose Racerback tank top in "Cut N Paste Purple". It's also available in white and black. These are pretty tank tops, and I like the Zumba logo in gold on the front, but what I don't care for is the fit. I prefer the slim-fit tank tops to the loose-fit ones. I personally like tops for Zumba that don't move around too much and feel like this one might twist or bunch. I've never worn one of these, so that's a guess on my part, but I remember wearing one of Bry's cotton t-shirts waaay back in the beginning and it was loose fitting. I remember feeling like it was in the way. So I am disinclined to buy this particular style.

* Bubble tops --- On the left is the High Tech Tank in "Sew Black" (also available in blue), and on the right is the Cut Me Maybe Bubble Top in "Back To The Fuchsia" (also available in blue and purple). So what exactly is a bubble top? If you look at the bottom of the shirt, it has a snug waistband that causes the shirt to bubble over your hips. Bubble tops are generally pretty popular from what I understand, but I don't especially like the flowy-ness of it; like the loose-fit tank, it's not quite my style. Honestly, I think it would look very nice on a tall gal, and very weird on myself since I am only 5'3".

* V-neck t-shirts --- Here we have the Remix Master V-Neck T-shirt in "Sew Black" (also available in purple). I like this, I think it's a cute little t-shirt, but if I were going to buy this, I would buy it just to wear as an every-day shirt. I'm not going to... I have to be selective with my remaining birthday gift card. I think by the time I get a Christmas gift card (oh yeah, you know I'm totally asking for that...heh) there will probably be a whole new collection! I guess we'll know for sure next month. I will say this for the gold, the contrast with the black is pretty stunning.

* Boxy t-shirts (the kind with the wide neck) --- While I've never been especially attracted to this neckline, I have worn a shirt like this once or twice. The neckline always makes me feel like I need to pull it back into place or the whole shirt is going to fall down. If that's how I feel about an every-day shirt, I can imagine I would feel that way even more about a shirt worn for a vigorous physical activity like Zumba. So would I buy any of these? No. That being said, here's what I love about each of these tops... Above on the left is the Awesome-tron Boxy Top in "Cut N Paste Purple" (also available in black) and I think that the gold, which is the main theme of the entire clothing line, shows up the best on the darker colored tops. Above on the right is the Funk-It-Up Sexy Back T-shirt in "Bright But Blue" (also available in purple and grey). I love the color on the blue one, and I like that they made that crazy pattern an accent on the sleeves and bottom hem. In the bottom right picture is the Galactic Gold Headliner Top in "Dark N Dirty Slate" (also available in white). The gold accents on the sleeves and bottom hem help the gold geometric pattern on the front stand out a lot better than it otherwise would. If I were going to buy a boxy t-shirt, that is if I could get past the funny feeling of the neckline, it would definitely be the grey/gold one. I just think it's pretty and would be another cute shirt for every-day use.

* Pullovers --- is the Pull It Together Pullover in "Back To The Fuschia" and in "Go For Green". I think the intent here is to wear this over (hence the name...) your sleeveless or short-sleeved clothes when it's cold out. Or at least I assume it is, because I have a really hard time imagining myself doing a class wearing this. It's long-sleeved and it looks warm. I have a feeling I'd overheat two songs in, but here's what I like about this top: I like the overall style of this shirt, the cuffs, the modified v-neck, and the fit. And here's what I don't like...
About the pink one: the crazy pattern on the main part of the shirt and the fact that there is way too much going on here...
  - pink torso (with a crazy pattern...)
  - orange sleeves
  - grey cuffs, shoulders, and hem
  - a yellow Zumba logo.
About the green one: even though it somehow doesn't feel quite as "busy" as the other one and while I like the lime and black color combination, the darker green gives off a sort of camouflage-vibe because of the tone of the color mixed with that crazy pattern.

* Sports-style t-shirts ---
It seems like Zumbawear tends to alternate their sports-style t-shirts. In this new collection, the shirts are baseball t-shirts, while in the previous line, they were football t-shirts. And I believe in the last line before that one to have sport shirts, they were baseball shirts. With me originally being from Toronto, I'd personally love to see a hockey sweater...heh. Anyways, I like these a lot, the black one more than the purple one. The black one reminds of one of the football shirts that I just bought while I was at certification class. Somehow, when that crazy pattern is an accent (in this case on the sleeves) instead of all over the top, it works. Although, I'm still not liking the pattern mixed with that dark green color... If the army was going to collaborate with Zumba to make clothes, I feel like it would look similar to this baseball shirt (or that pullover...).

* Sports bras
Also available in green and purple
On the left is the Galactic Gold V-Bra in "Gold" (duh). It is only available in this color. This piece is very popular from what I've read, a lot of people...okay, a lot of ladies...seem to really want this. And I'll admit I'm tempted, except for that it would always be mostly hidden by some top I had on over it because I'm never going to be rockin' the look that this model is. If you scroll back up and look at some of the pictures, you can see this particular sports bra peeking out at the neckline. However, I'll bet you didn't notice that until I pointed it out. So I'm probably going to forgo this piece because it's too little coverage by itself, but too pretty to hide under something. Talk about a conundrum...
Also available in grey/yellow and green/purple
The other sports bras in this collection are the Foil Me Once Bra (shown in "Dark N' Dirty Slate" above on the right) and the Glued To You V-bra (shown in "Love Me Lime" at the right). I like the geometric pattern on the Foil Me sports bra, that seems to be one of recurring themes of this collection. I'm having trouble remembering when I last saw Zumba produce a sports bra with an all-over pattern. Some similar items, still currently available, are the Space Case Bra Top and the Cut Me Crazy V-bra. The first is on sale and probably won't be up on the website a whole lot longer. It's a pink-to-orange ombre color. The second is from the collection immediately preceding this one and has half of the top patterned, while the other half is a solid color. So the Foil Me sports bra has an original quality to it. The Glued To You sports bra is a v-bra which are fairly common. Zumba seems to have one, available in a few colors, in every collection. They are usually one main solid color, with a second solid color used as trim, just like you see in this picture. Again, like the gold bra, I hesitate on these because they'll be mostly hidden under shirts. A second reason though is fit. Yes, there is a measurements chart, and it has been recently redone, but with a top whose main function, I really prefer to try it on first to make sure it's going to do its job properly.

* Outer wear --- Zumba, "outer wear" is most often a zip-up hoodie. And once again, that is the case as you can see, but in addition there is this neat little wrap around jacket. I adore this jacket, it's the El Fab Futuro Jacket (in "Cut N Paste Purple" and in "Dark N Dirty Slate"). It looks perfect for throwing on after a class, or wearing around before class gets started. I think it is stylish and original. I haven't seen one like this available from Zumba before. If I'm going to get one, and fingers crossed they'll still have my size around Christmas, it'll be the purple one. I think it's clever how they designed the logo to sit in the center when you have the jacket tied in the front. The hoodie is a pretty classic piece. It's the Cut Me, Maybe Zip-up Hoodie in "Sew Black" and in "Cha Cha Cherry". I like the little pop of color on the zipper pull and the word #Zwag on the hood. I'll say this for the black one, the dark green color -without- the crazy pattern looks a lot better to my eye.

So those are the tops. I'm seriously considering two pieces from this line, one is the purple wrap jacket, and the other is this racerback tank top. Pretty neat right?
As it turns out, when you join ZIN, there's a whole new section of the Zumbawear shop to explore. This is the Fabtastic Instructor Racerback in "Sew Black" (also available in "Cut N Paste Purple"). I think the gold gives the black shirt some sparkle.

I like the collection overall. I think the gold detailing and the geometric patterns are fresh, fun, and interesting. There are pants, accessories, and *gasp!* a mens collection as well. More to come...

Best advice: Zumbawear is awesome, yes it is, but... Be wise with your dollar. When you see something you really like in the shop, wait about two weeks before jumping on it because, 1) it may go on sale and/or 2) a new line of clothing may be announced. Number one has happened to me twice, I bought an item only to see it for less one week later. Grr. And number two only just happened, I saw a pink instructor top I liked from the previous clothing line, thought about buying it, waited, and I'm glad I did because the black instructor top you see above was just released and I don't really feel like I need more than this time...heh.

 *I am not affiliated with nor compensated by Zumba Fitness, just an interested shopper and Zumba-lover!

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