Thursday, March 27, 2014

The scheduling changes

I know I've been AWOL for almost two weeks. The truth is folks I had, what I believe to be, "writer's block". Not that I'm claiming to be some fancy-shmancy writer or anything, but I don't know what else to call it when I have ideas but can't come up with any words (that I actually like) to describe said ideas.

Last night was the last Wednesday night Zumba class of Jae's winter session. I guess that's what pulled me out of my writing slump. The last class of a session is always a little melancholy for me so I hope you'll forgive me, dear readers, for using today's post as an outlet. I'm not really sure why I feel what I feel exactly, but it is what it is. It's not like I don't -know- that there will be a spring session starting in three weeks... It's not like I'm not -already- signed up for that...and have been for a month and a half. It's not like I don't have options for where to go for class during the lull, because I do. And I'm a little moody about it. I wasn't last night though, that's for sure; class, as always, was great and I'd say we gave the session a good send off. Coming home floating on the "Zumba high" is a pretty amazing feeling.

I guess I've made myself at home in that school cafeteria where Jae teaches. I'm not even sure when that happened exactly. But when there isn't class, I actually miss that place. I miss my spot with the yellow floor tile. I miss staring at the weird poster of broccoli on the wall (a campaign to get students to eat vegetables at school...hah! yeah right...). I miss the microwave cart where I like to set my drink and my Tums. I even kind of miss having to fold and move the cafeteria tables so that we have enough floor space. Routines I guess. I like the feeling of stability that comes with having a routine and a solid schedule. I always feel a little strange at first when my regular routine has a break or a change in it.

And speaking of breaks, I had to cancel my class on Tuesday night. Funny coincidence how that happened the day before the end of Jae's session...which was actually supposed to end a week earlier but didn't because we had to make up a snow's been a weird week... Anyways, my church is hosting families all this week, as in they are living (eating, sleeping, the whole nine yards) in the church. My classroom currently has a family in residence, so I couldn't teach Zumba in there. One day, I'll probably feel the same way about my church room as I do Jae's cafeteria, but it hasn't been "mine" long enough for me to form an attachment. So I had this great idea to hold class in the lobby, thinking that the guests might want to join in, but the office manager nixed the idea telling me that the lobby had been re-purposed as a dining room for the week. I was given plenty of advanced notice, which I appreciated because that meant I could notify my class immediately.
Which I did, and then lamented to Jae over the fact that my class got booted for the week. She said I should come with her to Rae's class on Monday night. Okay! That cheered me right up. She always seems to know just what to say. I'm planning to go next Monday too since I'm not going to have a class on Wednesday to go to. My schedule won't be back to normal for another two weeks. I'll be able to hold my class next Tuesday as the guests of the church will have left, but the following week is spring break for most of the school districts in the area so I've already cancelled for -that- week. Let me tell you, explaining the scheduling updates to my people thoroughly confused them with this on/off/on/off business. To be honest, if I didn't have it all written down on a calendar, I'd be a little confused myself. I'm going to be very happy when things are back own version of "normal". Heh.

Best advice: Adapt. (Note to self: take own advice!)

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