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The Studio To Street Collection - Part 1: Pants

It's been over a month since I last did a Z-Wear post and frankly, I'm overdue. A strange thing happened since the last clothes post I did (you can find that here). Oddly enough, all the clothes I wrote about in that post are nowhere to be found. It's true! About a week and a half after I wrote that post, the clothes mysteriously disappeared from the shop with no explanation. The speculation is that they were released by mistake, prematurely, and that we'll see them again down the road. Supposedly, the full spring collection is being launched in four parts, so it's possibly we saw part two (or three or four) a little early.

So what's new in Z-Wear? The theme for the spring line is: Studio To Street.

It's a good collection based on what I've seen in the first part of the launch. In my opinion at any rate...and I like it a great deal more than what I wrote about last time. The colors seem more vibrant, and the clothes seem more stylish. What I find fascinating about the studio to street concept is that nearly half of the tops are every-day wear kind of tops. Okay, to my eye...the eye of a crazy Zumba girl...they're every-day wear. Not that you couldn't wear them to dance in, I think just about everything Zumba makes has that potential...but I tend to define every-day wear tops as having well-defined sleeves while dance-wear tops are sleeveless. This latest line of Zumba clothing is currently offering 21 shirts. That would be 21 different kinds of shirts, not factoring in the different color selections. That number also doesn't include the sports bras, or the instructor-specific tops. That's a lot of shirts!

The pants don't have quite as much versatility. I could easily see pairing the long sleeved shirt in the picture above with a pair of jeans, but I really can't see pairing some shirt I bought off the rack at J.C. Penny with any of the leggings, capris, or cargoes. Even the Zumbamommy has her limits.

My most recent posts about clothing collections seem to have developed an interesting pattern: tops, then pants - followed by accessories, and then menswear if there are any worth noting. I think this time I'll mix it up and start with the pants.

I love these pants. LOVE! Any guesses as to why? If you said, "Because she's a freak about her Zumba.", nice try. While it's true, and often the default answer, in this case there's a specific reason. These are the new Craveworthy Cargo Pants and they have long ribbons...wait for it...with stripes! I know right? Now you know why I decided to start with pants instead of shirts. This pair also comes in "Sew Black" and "Deep Blue Sea", but I love the "Berry Nice" pair you see at the left. I'm not really crazy about the blue pair though. It's just a little too light of a hue in my opinion. The black ones look great, but I already have three pairs of black cargo pants. What I don't have is a purple pair (with striped ribbons!)...waiting for a sale...waiting for a sale...hoping they still have my size...
At the right is the Can't Touch This Capri pant in "Pin A Rose". Basically, these are the capri version of the cargo pants. That ribbon dangling off the back? Yup, same striped ribbon. These also come in "Sew Black" and "Berry Nice". I've got to admit, the capris are really tempting going into the warm weather. Especially since they come in the same purple that I love so much. They're also a little bit cheaper...Decisions decisions!

Below on the left are the On The Marquee Fame Capri in "Sew Black" (also available in "Pin A Rose"). These have baggy pockets and a contrasting sash. I don't personally care for these. They are not my style. I'd rather have ribbons than a sash and the pockets kind of look like they're going to fall off if you put anything in them. On the right are the Maxin'-N-Relaxin' Capri in "Zumba green" (also available in "Deep Blue Sea" and "Berry Nice") They have a color-blocked waistband in a coordinating color which I think is neat, except for that it's mostly covered by the shirt. You can't see it, but the waist band actually says "Zumba" on it. Why put the coolness where it's going to be hidden? In the case of the green and blue capris, the cuffs match the waistband, but for whatever reason, this is not true of the purple pair (purple cuffs with a pink waistband). These aren't really my style either, but I think they're cuter than the other style with the baggy pockets. capri pant on the left is the Craveworthy Legging in "Deep Blue Sea" (also available in "Sew Black" and "Berry Nice"). I think by now dear readers you know my stance on leggings, but I'll reiterate for anyone new: great for people who aren't me. This particular style is wildly popular. As of the day I wrote this post, the blue and the black are completely sold out, and the only size left of the purple is small. Above on the right are the New On The Scene Capris in "Posh Pink" (also available in "Pin A Rose", "Eat, Grey, Love",  and "Sew Black"). A couple things are interesting about this style of capri legging. One, the front of the waistband dips into a V while the back has a higher rise. Two, they come in prints and solids. Style that's flashy, and not so flashy. It's nice to have options!
I'll say this for the "Berry Nice" color, it can make even leggings appealing to me. Case in point to the left. This is the So Bootyful Capri in "Berry Nice" (also available in "Sew Black", "Thunderin' Grey", and "Pin A Rose"). This style in this particular color is completely sold out. Both the pink and the black are down to only two sizes left. The grey pair though, has every size still available...quel suprise! Heh. These capris have a great fold over waistband that's really figure flattering and inside there's a drawstring. I love that as feature and I wish the cargoes came with an inner drawstring.

Rounding out the selection of capri pants, we have...sigh...harem pants... Like leggings, these are for people who aren't me. Leggings, at least I get why people like them. Harem pants (aka: drop-crotch pants), I truly don't get the appeal. If any of you dear readers love this style of pants and would care to enlighten me, by all means comment away. the left are the Hang Loose Harem Capri Pant in "Thunderin' Grey". Hang loose? Yeah, aptly named...and also available in "Sew Black" and "Pin A Rose". And since I don't have more to say about them... Above on the right are the Chill The Funk Out Capris in "Deep Blue Sea". These also come in "Sew Black" and "Pin A Rose". This pair is admittedly a little better. The pocket with the zipper is cute, and I like the colored waistband with the drawstring. But it's still a harem pant. Can you tell I'm kind of a cargo-snob? Heh.

Long Leggings & Jersey Pants
Yep, that's right. All the long pants that aren't cargoes are getting lumped together. Meh. See above where I said cargo-snob, I meant that.
These are the Lift Me Up Long Legging in "Eat, Grey, Love". I'm just to going to take a moment to say, once again, how much I love how creative Zumba gets with the names of their colors. They make me smile. This pair also comes in "Posh Pink". This long legging has the same prints as the New On The Scene Capris. If you'll excuse a bit of whimsy, to me the pattern looks like feathers. I don't know if I'm only saying that because these are called the Lift Me Up Long Legging or not. Then again, it might have been an intentional name designed to go with the pattern. At the left are So Bootyful Long Legging in "Pin A Rose" (also available in "Berry Nice", "Sew Black", and "Thunderin' Grey"). This is the long pants version of the So Bootyful Capri. But unlike the capri, none of the colors has sold out, every color still has every size available. I believe people are thinking ahead to the warmer months and snatching up the capris. Then again, maybe not... Above on the right are the Love Me Long Legging in "Deep Blue Sea" (also available in "Sew Black" and "Berry Nice") and they are almost completely sold out. As of the day I wrote this post, the blue only has two sizes left, the purple only has one, and the black has none. These are a simple solid-colored legging, the green you see in the picture above is actually the bottom hem of the shirt the model is wearing and not the waistband of the pants. These are also a performance-wear item with Z-Dri™ technology. the left are the Once Around The Track pants in "Thunderin' Grey" (also available in "Pin A Rose"). The pants on the right are the Gotta Jam Jersey pants in "Berry Nice" (also available in "Sew Black" and "Off The Chain White"). I wouldn't buy either pair, but that is beacause of the material rather than the style. I think they are both really cute pairs of pants and I especially like the colored zig-zag on the Gotta Jam pants...but I think I would get way too hot wearing them. They remind me of the pants I wear for yoga actually, and I know from experience that I overheat in them when I wear them to practice Zumba at home. I usually wind up having to roll the legs up to the knee. This looks ridiculous, absurdly ridiculous even, which is why I only do it at home.

One style, two colors. But interestingly enough, the shorts are reversible. Solid on one side, patterned on the other. If I were a shorts-for-exercise kind of gal (and not a cargo-snob), I'd probably get a pair of these. The Inside Out Reversible Short is like two for one special.
Berry Nice
Sew Black

This is what the solid colored sides of the shorts look like.
And this is what the pattern looks like on the reverse side.

I really like the new Studio To Street collection. Yes, I am biased towards cargoes in a big way, but there are a lot of other great pairs of pants (and shorts) to choose from. The colors are bright and fresh and the styles are chic. Z-Chic. And speaking of, I'll be discussing those 21+ tops in my next post.

Best advice: Be true to your style. Yes, there was a pair of leggings that I liked the look of...and yes, I think the shorts are cool...but neither one is really truly me.

I am neither affiliated with or endorsed by Zumba Fitness (beyond being a simple instructor) - Just an interested shopper with an opinion!

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