Monday, September 30, 2013

The Limbo Remix

Most people who know me know that I'm a freaky Zumba girl. And us freaky Zumba girls, we love our Daddy Yankee songs. One really popular one is Limbo. Jae introduced it over a year ago and both of us agree that we never get tired of it. Like...ever.

For the moment, let me set aside my love of songs by DY (and the list is long...) and talk about someone else's music that I love. Or rather, two someones. Wisin Y Yandel. These guys are awesome and I have never heard anything by them that I didn't like. In my class we've done both Abusadora and Sexy Movimiento, but their stuff comes up on my Pandora pretty often so I've heard a great many other songs besides just those two. Something about their Reggaeton sound just speaks to me, in spite of the language barrier.

As you all know from a post about a week and half back, I've discovered Pinterest. So just for fun last night, I decided to see what Wisin Y Yandel had out there up on the great digital cork board. My curiosity was rewarded in spades because I found this...

I was online with my half-sister Mel at the time and that conversation went like this:

Me (a little giddy): Holy cow! I just found Limbo featuring W&Y! This is like biting into a piece of cake and finding a brownie inside!! Must buy!!
Mel: I heard that one before. It is pretty good.
Me: I didn't know this existed. I have to have this.

Yeah, I totally bought the MP3 in a heartbeat. Why didn't I search Pinterest for these guys a week and a half ago? I could have been enjoying this song for ten days already! So many remixes out there really kind of suck...and they come across (at least to me) like a money grab, as in how can artists capitalize on popular songs even more. But this...this combines everything I love about King Daddy's song, with the sound of Wisin Y Yandel that I love so much. It's the best of both worlds, a glorious hybridization, and I couldn't not make a post about it. The only thing left now, is to see if I can apply Jae's awesome Limbo choreography to the remixed version. I've got to try it because I just can't not try. This is going to wind up like that time I discovered the official Boujé choreography, I just know it... The Zumba plan for tonight was supposed to be: fix the middle of Pose - the transition from the chorus into the shoulders/knees section is really sticky. Now the plan is: 1) fix Pose, 2) try Limbo remix. I can already feel the Zog coming on. Dale.

Best advice: Pinterest is a font of knowledge.  

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