Friday, July 26, 2013

The supportive husband AKA: The Zumba widower

Once before I mentioned how supportive Bry has been these last three and a half years as I leave him once a week for Zumba class. Without Bry able to watch our young son, this "Zumba thing" never would have happened. There would have been no way to justify hiring a baby sitter while I did an hour long class that cost $6. There would have been no way to take him with me, at that age, and expect him to not cause a huge disruption. The bottom line is, that without Bry's support I never would have been able to start Zumba much less make it such an important part of my life long term. think we've all heard the term "Football widow"? Referring to those women whose husbands watch football regularly while they find something else to occupy their time. Or how about "choir widow"? Meaning that lady sitting alone in church because her husband has a lovely baritone voice? Both of these were me by the way. Neither has been true in many years now, not since I learned enough about football to enjoy watching a game, and not since we moved and had to change churches (the new one doesn't have a full time choir, only seasonal). I thought the term "Zumba widower" was apt in this situation and based on the size of the class I am currently a part of for the duration of the summer, Bry is in good company. There must be close to 20 other Zumba widowers in houses throughout the southwest part of the Grand Rapids area.

Bry's support has not gone unrewarded. One benefit is the time he's spent with our older son, just the two of them together without a woman's interference. They do manly things together such as watching children's programing on Sprout, reading stories about large construction vehicles, or playing baseball in the living room. Our younger son is only 15 months, but he likes to join in the manly endeavors now by crawling on daddy like a jungle gym. Also a fun reward for Bry, is the leaner, healthier me, more toned, more confident, less stressed out me. That's the me he gets to spend his time with all week between classes. And I'm pretty sure, while he hasn't come right out and said anything..., that he enjoys seeing me dance at home when I practice. He gets to see first hand what it is I do those nights I go out to class. I think it's nice for him to see me do the thing I enjoy so much; the thing he's largely made possible for me to do in the first place. Bry is wonderful, loving and supportive, and I am lucky to have him.

Best advice: If you have someone this special in your life, make sure you tell them so. And I mean very specifically, as in why and in what ways, you appreciate them. They deserve to know that what they do matters.

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