Saturday, July 27, 2013

The clothes - Part 1

In a previous post, I talked about the ways in which I was woefully unprepared for my fist Zumba class. One of these was the way I had dressed. With Zumba being so high energy you sweat a lot and it's easy to overheat if you don't take care.

The fact that it was the beginning of January was what initially caused me to got to my first class in sweatpants. My logic being this: since it was cold outside, I should probably dress appropriately. No no, wrong! So I learned... It is worth being a little cold and uncomfortable in those few minutes one is outside between their car and the entrance to what ever place it is their class is held in order to be comfortable through class.

After my first class, I looked around at home for something better to wear the next week and found nothing. Well, next to nothing. I figured a pair of yoga pants would work considerably better than sweat pants. I was right. They are lighter and have a lot more stretch and give. I had plenty of these as I was a frequent student of Don's mommy and me yoga class. But I was used to wearing over sized t-shirts to yoga and those obviously were not a good choice for me. I figured a tank top would be a lot cooler but I didn't own a single one that could be used for fitness. What was a girl to do? Why, go shopping of course!

The problem was it was January. Where does one find a good supply of fitness-appropriate tank tops in a wide variety of sizes and colors for not a lot of moolah? Old Navy as it turns out.

Shown above are the first tank tops I ever bought for Zumba. Anyone notice anything interesting about my little collection? It's not exactly a "wide variety" is it? There are only three colored ones! The others are all brown, grey, or black. This was indicative of something that I wouldn't realize until much much later but that's not part of today's story.

Pairing a tank top with a pair of light yoga pants made all the difference in the least as far as wardrobe. Did it magically make me a great dancer by the second class? Of course not. I'll be brutally honest, I didn't really get the ball change down until I was into my third year. What this new choice in outfit actually did was keep me cool so I could focus more on learning and less on not fainting. And to that end, I also remembered to put my hair up and bring water.

Once you're not spending a lot of energy just to stay conscious, you start to notice things about your teacher aside from just her dance moves. Huh, she had her long hair in a braid. Huh, she had on a tank top. Huh, she had a bottle of Gatorade on the floor under the stereo. Wait now, she didn't have on yoga pants. She had on fancy black pants with silver ribbons that moved and twirled whenever she did and on the back was that Zumba logo. Zumba pants! There were Zumba pants? My mind was blown. Where had those even come from? I'd never seen anything like that in any store. So after my second class I went home and (after a long shower) went online and that was my first introduction to has been both a blessing and a curse to me over the years. A blessing because they know their fashion and I love their stuff. A curse because my wallet doesn't love their stuff nearly as much as I do.

I'll talk more about my discovery of a whole new style of pants very soon. Just as soon as I get my four pairs back from the tailor and can take some pictures to post!

Best advice: Look to your teacher. She sets the example and she is working the hardest of anyone in the room.

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