Thursday, December 19, 2013

The "Move Me" racerback tank top

I learned about a month ago that there are Facebook groups dedicated to buying/selling/trading new and used Zumba clothing. Me being me, I couldn't help myself, I just had to find one and join it. The one I joined is aptly named too, "Zwear Addicts Trading Post". Most of what I see, I just let go by. So far, I've actually only bought one thing from a fellow group member. It was a shirt, and one I've been looking for for a while now. It's an old shirt, at least two years old, maybe even closer to three at this point... It used to be that the only Zumbawear I'd buy was pants. I didn't have the confidence to get the shirts too and just deck myself out completely. What stands out more than a girl wearing cargo pants (that may or may not be neon) with long ribbons, a neon tank top, some neon bracelets, and some neon hair ties and clips? Not a whole heck of a lot! I wear all that (at once...) now, kind of necessary to have that kind of confidence if I'm going to teach a class right? But obviously it's far too late as far as the shirt goes; it has long since passed through Zumba's online shop. Almost since the first day I decided to buy the Zumba brand tank tops, I started looking for this one particular shirt. I checked Amazon, I checked McCarley Fitness (thanks to them for the photos of the top), I even checked Ebay. I'd see one for sale every now and then but it wasn't the right size, or maybe not the right color. As Zumba is prone to do, they released this tank I'm talking about in four different colors. first time I saw this shirt was back when I was all about the black and grey. Want to guess which one of these I bought? Heh. The image of that shirt has stuck with me a long time, so much so that I barely even remembered it existed in three other colors until I started searching for it. The truth is, I probably would have bought any one of these at this point, but finding mediums has proven impossible. Ultimately, I just gave up on having that as one of my search parameters. After I joined the Facebook group, I looked at -everything- (regardless of size) that was in the various albums with much optimism and hope. Incidentally, these albums are broken down by gender, then by size, with separate albums for accessories, shoes, and "wanted".
There were three of these tank tops posted in the albums! Yay! Two were the black style and one was the pink. One of the black ones had already sold to someone else months ago. The remaining black one and the pink one both belonged to the same seller. Her post was over six months old, but I thought, "What have you got to lose?" and posted asking her if either one was still for sale. She told me she'd sold the pink one but the black one was available. Score! That was the one I'd always imagined having too! I did a happy little dance in my seat. Just one thing though, this seller was an XXLovely and I'm a Marvelous...hrmm... I'll admit that this gave me pause, but I went ahead and bought it anyway. It was a bit of a gamble but I decided it was worth the $12 (shipping included) that the seller wanted. I had no idea when I might run across another one of these if I didn't grab this one. Plus, I figured if it didn't fit me well enough as-is, I knew a really good tailor.

When the shirt first arrived, I tried it on. Sure enough, it was too big by quite a bit. I was hoping that the bigness wouldn't be too noticeable, but it was. A large...excuse me...a Lovely, I could have probably gotten away with. But an XXLovely? That's a definitive no. I decided that I was going to have to take the tank top to the tailor. Back in the summer, after I lost a bunch of baby weight (plus some extra), I needed my cargo pants taken in, so I took them to a tailor. You might remember my pants post where I mentioned it. The guy does really good quality work, I wouldn't trust just anyone with my Zumba clothes you know! If you look at the pictures above, the front-facing view shows a tiny little tag down near the waist. I asked him if he could make sure to keep the tag and he did. That shirt looks amazing. If you didn't know it had been altered (and if it didn't say XXL inside) you'd never be able to tell it wasn't originally a size M. So, for people who live in or around Grand Rapids, MI, if you need a good tailor, try Su Alterations & Dry Cleaning at 44th and Kalamazoo (YP listing).

Best advice: If you are going to take a racerback tank to be altered, take a second one with you that you -know- fits you and leave it there as a reference.

I am neither affiliated with or endorsed by either Zumba, Su Alterations & Dry Cleaning, or any of the other stores I referred to -- Simply a shopper with an opinion!

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